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This comprehensive digital eBook covers everything from a concise intro to the basics of how fire works all the way up to "Guru Level"  tips and tricks that will blow away even the most savvy fire gurus!! 

This guide is perfect for anyone from complete novice to expert level who is interested in leveling up their survival fire game! We guarantee there's so much unique information in this eBook that every single reader will learn new tips and tricks from this awesome book regardless of how proficient you are with this skill currently!! 

The E2S "Ultimate Survival Fire Guide" takes a very unique and extremely practical approach to survival fire making. This guide is about getting results. Period. Even in the most extreme conditions! 

Because that is the most important characteristic of any survival fire: You have to be able to get it started successfully!
Here are just a few of the topics covered in our incredible "Ultimate Survival Fire Guide" :
  •  THE #1 reason people FAIL when attempting to start a survival fire!
  •  How to start a NEW fire using just the ASHES from an OLD fire!
  •  Why your ignition source may be the LEAST important variable in your fire starting equation
  •  How to locate suitable fuel for your fire even in the wettest conditions!
  •  How to start a fire in rain or humidity.
  •  Tricks for starting fire in the wind!
  •  Lighter hacks that will optimize your lighter's performance and transform it into a more of a robust survival tool!
  •  How to make your very own "Ultimate Survival Fire Kit!" (Plus the one item most people don’t pack that could cost them their life.)
  •  The cheapest and most effective fire starter available!
  •  The undisputed KING of ALL ignition sources! (If you don’t have this in your pocket right now, you may as well start digging your own grave.)
  •  The "PJCB" formula for making the ultimate tinder!
  •  How and why your ignition source directly impacts your fuel selection
  •  4 natural tinder sources you can find near water or wetlands. (You can use these even if it just rained or snowed.)The counter intuitive way to start a fire with WATER!!
  •  Soft wood or hard wood? Find out on page 16!
  •  What “fire extenders” and "fire accelerants" are, how they differ, and how/when to use each. (This is especially important in extremely humid or damp conditions.)
  •  99 times out of 100 THIS is THE single variable that determines whether or not you can start a fire. (Most people spend the least amount of time on this, despite how important it is.)
  •  A "fire lay" that creates a hotter, cleaner, more efficient fire that consumes LESS FUEL!
  •  How to improvise a covert fire (smokeless and invisible) in the wild with a little-known trick from history!
  •  How to “stormproof” your own matches at home! 
  •  A simple 21 piece fire kit you MUST keep in your vehicle at all times. (Don’t worry, you can put this together without spending much money at all.)
So listen, here’s the deal:

There’s clearly a TON of hyper-valuable information in this killer guide.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you it could save your life. It could save the lives of those you love too.

I think you know that.

But I take that responsibility seriously. So I didn’t want to give you some giant book that’s thicker than the yellow pages.

I want this to be EASILY usable. Something you can breeze through in one sitting and INSTANTLY know what to do.

So I condensed it down to make it as small as it can possibly be.

Which means it’s just 25 pages.

You can digest it in one 15 minute sitting and know all you need to know to start a fire in just about any conditions.

But listen.

Don’t let that fool you.

Just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly valuable.

Besides, there’s another reason I made it as short as possible:

The Ultimate Fire Guide comes as a digital download.
Sample Pages From Our "Ultimate Survival Fire Guide" :
Which means you can get your hands on it in the next couple of minutes.

But it also means you can store it on your phone, your tablet, or anywhere else you find convenient.

So if you do find yourself in a survival situation and you happen to have your phone with you, you’ll have the guide with you too.

And let’s face it.

Sure, you might be stuck in the wilderness somewhere with no phone signal.

But wouldn’t you prefer to have a handy little document saved on your phone that shows you EXACTLY how to get a fire started?

Of course you would. Everybody would.
Picture yourself in that kind of situation. 
You’re lost. You’re cold. You’re wet. You’re hungry. 
You’re worried about hypothermia. 
You can’t find shelter or any way to warm up.
At that very moment, how much would you pay to know how to start a fire immediately?

Whatever it cost, right?

Every penny you have to your name, probably.

Of course.

Because you can’t put a price on survival, or the lives of those you care about.

Thankfully, I’ve made sure the Ultimate Survival Fire Guide won’t cost you much at all.

The regular retail value of a book like this from Barnes and Noble or Amazon would be $39.95.

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But by not having to print it or send it through the mail, we’re saving a fortune on getting the Ultimate Survival Fire Guide into your hands.

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