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More Than Just LIght In The Darkness!
What if you could not only provide light for your family during darkness, but you could also power any and all communication devices? What about the ability to recharge any and all devices like phones, tablets, laptops, etc.? (If you are thinking to yourself, "Won't those devices be completely useless during a widespread/prolonged power outage?" 

In most cases, no they would not be!! (Keep reading to learn more!!)

How about the ability to keep your refrigerator and freezer running so that you don't lose hundreds of dollars of food? 

What about medical devices that your family depends on? CPAPs, nebulizers for breathing treatments, etc.? Do you have a plan to keep those running during a power outage?
How To POwer/recharge Anything & Everything During A Power Outage!
In this guide we cover everything from CHEAP electrical power generation to CHEAP electrical power storage that you can utilize for virtually any purpose you may need during a power outage!! Powering lights, recharging devices, recharging rechargeable batteries, powering communication devices, and so much more!! All while saving HUNDREDS (if not THOUSANDS) of dollars using a proven system that has worked for thousands of people already!
Why A Portable Gas Generator Such Is a Terrible Investment!
Whenever a hurricane, blizzard, ice storm, etc. is predicted and it headed toward an area, one of the first things that many do (at least those that can afford this option) is race to the hardware store and pick up a portable generator... not really having any clue what they are buying or if it will truly meet their family's needs. There are NUMEROUS reasons why this is a terrible idea.

Generators are expensive. They are loud. They guzzle fuel. Most emit dangerous carbon monoxide. Plus they are one of the LEAST EFFICIENT means to provide power to your home during a power outage. 

When you run a generator to power your home during an outage, it's the equivalent of turning all of the faucets on in your home and LEAVING  them on just to be able to occasionally walk over to pour yourself a glass of water!! How wasteful is that?? And fuel is FAR more expensive than water is!!

Let us show you a much better way! In fact... another reason portable generators are such a terrible investment for emergency power is... you more than likely ALREADY OWN ONE (or more!) and you simply don't realize it! Let us show you what it is and how to leverage it immediately!! 
Hospitals have batteries! So why can't your home?
Just think of the many devices you use on a daily basis that don't require being constantly plugged into a power outlet that is connected to the grid. Your laptop. Your phone. Your tablet. How can those devices continue to work without being constantly connected to electrical power? Well, the obvious answer is... each of them has a battery!

Now what if your HOME could have a "battery" like this too? A battery that keeps lights on, appliances running, gives you the ability to RECHARGE the devices we mentioned previously when their batteries deplete? Well why not?

Hospitals have backup power systems. So does the military. In fact... a growing number of civilian homes do as well!  So... why don't you?

Think these systems are too expensive? To complicated and intimidating? Well, you might be surprised to learn that, with a little guidance, they aren't at all!! 
In fact we can show you EXACTLY  how to set up such a system for FAR  less than the cost of a portable gas generator!!
How To Have Internet  During A Power Outage!
What if you could even restore your home internet during a power outage?? How huge would that be?? The ability to check websites for storm updates, the ability to check in with friends and family during a crisis? Your kids could be entertained with music, movies, videos, games, and communicate with friends during a power outage? How amazing would that be? How much of a HERO would you be to your family??
THe Portable Gas Generator That YOu Already Own!
Do you enjoy  spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars unnecessarily when you don't have to? Of course you don't.

If not, then why would you EVER spend your hard-earned money on a portable gas generator when you don't need to? Because... more than likely, you don't need to. Let us show you how to avoid that completely unnecessary expense!
The Most Overlooked Social Media Survival Resource!
Find out what our absolute favorite social media resource is in terms of preparedness and survival and how to use it!
And best of all... How to do all of this on a tight budget!!
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  • How to restore your home WIFI during a power outage!
  • A comprehensive vehicle survival kit checklist!
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