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You Don't Need A Fancy Military Humvee To Have An Awesome Bug Out Vehicle!
For the vast majority of "bug out" scenarios, the vehicle that you currently have is more than sufficient to get you "out of dodge". All you really need to do to make your current vehicle a "bug out BEAST" is to take a few simple, practical and affordable steps to make sure your vehicle is ready for almost any crisis! 

Many of us LOVE to drool over photos of various bug out and "zombie apocalypse" vehicles, but the truth is your daily driver can easily be your go to bug out vehicle once you make a few simple preparations!

Included in this FREE guide: 
  • 10 simple steps that you can take IMMEDIATELY to make your current vehicle "bug out" ready!
  • How to avoid wasting HUNDREDS of dollars on a portable generator by turning your vehicle into a generator instead!
  • How to stock your vehicle with EVERYTHING you'll need in a crisis without breaking the bank!
  • Tips & tricks to protecting temperature sensitive preps (food, water, etc.) from the cold and heat!
  • A comprehensive vehicle survival kit checklist!
  • How to accomplish all of this on a budget so you don't waste money!
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